VIE understands the value of ECA's. They provide a platform for the students to develop life experience and participate in activities that are catered to their unique requirements. We offer a variety of ECA's, some of which are listed below.

Horse Therapy

Children at VIE are offered the opportunity to attend weekly horse riding sessions. These take place at local stables which offer great experience with special needs children. Children attend in small groups, working individually with a horse and a groom. The children are supported to build a relationship with the horse which includes grooming and feeding. Horse riding also supports their physical development, working on building core muscle strength and balance.

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There are many benefits of swimming for children with special educational needs, particularly for children with autism and behavioural problems. Swimming can help to ease repetitive behaviours, act as a positive social outlet, increase attention span, relieve sensory overload, build confidence and boost mental skills. Not to mention keeping you healthy and active.

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Community Visits

The timetable at VIE includes Life Skills sessions, one aspect of this is community learning. The children take part in visits to local shops, parks and cafes. These visits promote independence in a range of situations, with staff available to support when necessary. The children enjoy these visits and make the most of the opportunity to be independent.

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After School & Saturday Clubs

As we are committed to continuously developing our services and programs, VIE hosts after school clubs on a Thursday and Saturday programs.

Programmes are run by our Teaching Assistants and include a range of different activities each week including: drama clubs, board games, cooking, sports, arts and crafts, social skill building/peer interaction and dancing/singing.

ECA's and Sat Club

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